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Procedure for Submission of Exam form and Application for Grievances



Procedure for Submission of Application for Supply of Photo/Scan Copy(ies) of Assessed Answer Book(s):

  1. The Application form filled in and signed by the examinee only.
  2. The application shall be submitted by the examinee, along with the requisite fees, within ten days from start date of application.
  3. The candidate shall submit their application forms along with the requisite.

Fee :

  1. Photo/ScanCopy

Non-Professional course Rs.100/- per answer book & processing fee is Rs.20/-.

  1. Revaluation

Non-Professional course – Rs.150/- per answer book & processing fee is Rs.20/.

Professional course – Rs.200/- per answer book & processing fee is Rs.30/-.



1) Procedure for Submission of Application for Revaluation of Answer Book(s) of Theory Paper(s):

A candidate shall be eligible to apply after receipt of Photo/ScanCopy(ies) of those answer book(s).

  1. A  candidate  shall submit an application along with  the requisite fees, within ten days from the date of receipt of Photo/ScanCopy(ies).
  2. The application form shall have to be filled in and signed by the candidate only.

Terms Relating to Revaluation of Answer Book(s) of Theory Paper(s):


  1. The revaluation of the answer book(s), however, shall not be permitted in respect of scripts of Practical Examination / Term Work / Internal Assessment / Sessional Marks / Dissertation / Thesis / Clinical / MCQ (Multiple Choice Question in practical examination) /online examination/In-Sem theory examination and Viva-Voce, etc.
  2. The fee for revaluation may be refunded, if the application is not entertained and not processed for revaluation and if the candidate concerned submits his request for refund.
  3. A candidate shall note that the result of the revaluation of his/her answer-book(s) of the theory paper(s) shall be binding on him/her.
  4. The benefit of the revaluation shall be given to a candidate if the original marks and the marks obtained after revaluation exceed by 5% or more of the maximum marks.

Exam Form Master of Social Work (MSW)

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