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Faculty Publications

3.3.4 Research Papers in UGC Approved Journals (July 2013 – June 2018)

  1. Internationalization to Indigenization of Social Work Education in India (Dr. Suresh Pathare, Sep-Dec. 2017)
  2. Factors Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability – A Social Work Perspective (Dr. Jaimon Varghese, Jan-Apr.. 2018)
  3. Spiritually Sensitive Service – Exploring Horizons of Social Work Practice (Dr. Jaimon Varghese, Jan.. 2018)
  4. Facing Life Challenges through Adult Literacy Programme – An Overlook on the Struggle for Tribal Women (Mr. Vijay Sansare, Apr-Jun. 2017)
  5. Deconstructing the notion of Mothering in ‘Family and Child Centred Social Work’: A case of sex worker mothers, Prachi Patil, Jan-Apr. 2018
  6. Means and Ends: A distorted approach in field work practice, Pradeep Jare, Jan-Apr. 2018
  7. Spiritual Social Work – a Strategy for Sustainable Development , Jaimon Varghese, Jan-Apr. 2018
  8. Book Review: Deepra Dandekar,Boundaries and Motherhood: Ritual and Reproduction in Rural Maharashtra , Patil Prachi, 2018
  9. Structural Social Work- (E)merging area in Social Work Education and Social Justice: A Perspective from Within” , Pradeep Jare, Jan-Dec. 2017
  10. Quest for Gender Justice – A study on upward social mobility of Scheduled Caste women in Delhi , Jaimon Varghese, Jan-Dec. 2017
  11. Social Work Intervention in Solid Waste Management Programme , Vijay Sansare & Shamuel Waghmare, Jan-Dec. 2017
  12. Use of Street Theatre and Social Media in Competency Building of Social Work Students , Yogesh Kudale, Jan-Dec. 2017
  13. Long way to achieve democratic process: An ethnographic study of Exclusion from Caste Perspective , Pradeep Jare, Jan-Dec. 2017
  14. Contribution of Missionaries in Educational Development of Dalit in Ahmednagar District’ (MS), Suresh Mugutmal, Jan-Dec. 2017
  15. Spiritually Sensitive Service – an empowering strategy to overcome local and global challenges for the attainment of social justice, Jaimon Varghese, Jan-Dec. 2017
  16. .Book Review: Ruchira Gupta (ed.), River of Flesh and Other Stories: The Prostituted Woman in Indian Short Fiction  , Patil Prachi, 2017
  17. Jesus’s Two Great Commandments: Analysing Indian Theology through Caste and Gender, Patil, Prachi , 2016
  18. Inclusion of Dalit women through Structural Social Work: Perspective from below , Pradeep Jare, Jan-Dec. 2016
  19. Sanjoepuram Community Organisation Programme – A Case Study of Faith based Philanthropic Social Work , Jaimon Varghese, Jan-Dec. 2016
  20. Spiritually Sensitive Social Work: A Mission for Responsive & Compassionate Society – a National Study on Professional Social Workers , Jaimon Varghese, Jan-Dec. 2016
  21. Building Social Work Professionals through Transactional Analysis Technique , Vijay Sansare, Jan-Dec. 2016
  22. Structural Social Work: An Indigenous Approach to Social Work with Marginalized Communities in Indian Context , Pradeep Jare, Jan-Dec. 2016
  23.  Book Review: Abraham P Francis (Ed) Social work in mental health context and Theories for practice (Vol. I), Suresh Pathare, 2015
  24. Engaging Rawls and Dhasal: Imagining Justice, Patil Prachi, 2015
  25. Street_Corner Svati P. Shah, Street Corner Secrets: Sex, Work and Migration in the City of Mumbai , Patil Prachi, 2015
  26. Justice Withers Away in Neoliberal Era? Analysis from Subaltern Perspective , Pradeep Jare, Jan-Dec. 2015
  27. Participation of Youth for Rural Development: A Case study of Baburdibend Village , Vijay Sansare, Jan-Dec. 2015
  28. Vision for Just, Equitable and Compassionate Society, Suresh Pathare, Jan-Dec. 2014
  29. Mainstreaming and Inclusion of Dalit Women for Equitable Society through Political Justice , Pradeep Jare, Jan-Dec. 2014
  30. Unconditional Self Acceptance: A Review of Emotional Well Being and Stress Free Life, Vijay Sansare, Jan-Dec. 2014
  31. Social Justice and Social Development , Suresh Pathare, July-Dec. 2013
  32. Field Work Practice in Closed Settings: Assessment, Placements and Addressing the Challenges , Vijay Sansare, July-Dec. 2013

3.3.5 Books / chapters in an edited book 

(July 2013 – June 2018)

Dr. Suresh Pathare

01 Social Justice and Social Work Profession in India – Challenging Responses and Responding Challenges (Eds: Dr. Suresh Pathare & Dr. Jaimon Varghese)

02 Rural Community Development in India – Emerging Issues Challenges and Strategies (Dr. Suresh Pathare & Dr. Jaimon Varghese)

03 Social Work Education and Practice Engagement  (edited book)

04 Social Work Education in India: Transition from Westernization to Indigenization (chapter)

05 Befriending the Other – Social Work Perspective (chapter)

06 Social Work Education in India (chapter)

Dr. M. Arif Shaikh

07 The leaf that smiles – Befriending Nature (chapter)

08 Globalisation through the eyes of an environmentalist (chapter)

09 The Flowers last sigh (chapter)

Dr. Jaimon Varghese

10 Spirituality for Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability (book)

11 Compassion Competence and Commitment – Understanding and Applying Spirituality in Social Work (book)

12 Spirituality for Sustainable Development – A Social Work Innovation (book)

13 Spiritually Sensitive Service – Lost and Found Area of Social Work Profession (chapter)

14 Social Justice and Social Work Profession in India – Challenging Responses and Responding Challenges (Eds: Dr. Suresh Pathare & Dr. Jaimon Varghese)

15 Rural Community Development in India – Emerging Issues Challenges and Strategies (Dr. Suresh Pathare & Dr. Jaimon Varghese)

16 Contemporary Models of Gandhian Gramswaraj – the Story of Ralegaon Siddhi and Hiware Bazar the Ideal Villages in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra, India (chapter)

17 Spiritually Sensitive Social Work – An Emerging Model of Practice (chapter)

Mr. Pradeep Jare

18 Social Exclusion and Citizenship Issues of Pardhis (chapter)

19 Development Under the Threat of Caste Atrocities in Post-Colonialism – Study of Caste Atrocities on Dalits and its impact on their Participation in Public Sphere (chapter)

Ms. Prachi Patil

20 Caste and Crime: A Study of Hindu Mythology and Scriptures (chapter)