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Faculty Publications

3.3.5 Books / Chapter in Edited Books 

(2013 – 2018)

01 Jaimon Varghese (2018) Spirituality for Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability  (book)

02 Jaimon Varghese (2018) Compassion, Competence and Commitment – Understanding and Applying Spirituality in Social Work  (book)

03 Arif Shaikh (2018) ‘The Flower’s last sigh’, in Science-Religion Dialogue and its contemporary significance  (article)

04 Jaimon Varghese (2017) Spirituality for Sustainable Development – A Social Work Innovation  (book)

05 Pradeep Jare (2017) ‘Development Under the Threat of Caste Atrocities in Post-Colonialism – Study of Caste Atrocities on Dalits and its impact on their Participation in Public Sphere, in Caste in Modern India: Atrocities Against Dalits  (article)

06 Suresh Pathare (co-author) (2016) ‘Social Justice and Social Work Profession in India – Challenging Responses and Responding Challenges’  (edited book)

07 Jaimon Varghese (2016) ‘Spiritually Sensitive Service – Lost and Found Area of Social Work Profession’ in Social Justice and Social Work Profession in India – Challenging Responses and Responding Challenges  (article)

08 Pradeep Jare (2016) ‘Social Exclusion and Citizenship Issues of Pardhis’, in ‘Social Justice and Social Work Profession in India – Challenging Responses and Responding Challenges’  (article)

09 Suresh Pathare (2015) ‘Social Work Education and Practice Engagement’  (edited book)

10 Suresh Pathare (2015) ‘Social Work Education in India: Transition from Westernization to Indigenization’ in Social Work Education and Practice Engagement  (article)

11 Jaimon Varghese (2015) ‘Spiritually Sensitive Social Work: An Emerging Model of Practice’ in Social Work Education and Practice Engagement  (article)

12 Suresh Pathare (2015) ‘Befriending the Other: Social Work Perspective’ in Befriending the Other: Sixty Years of JDV in Pune  (article)

13 M. Arif Shaikh (2015) ‘The leaf that smiles; Befriending Nature’ in Befriending the Other: Sixty Years of JDV in Pune  (article)

14 M. Arif Shaikh (2015) ‘Globalisation through the eyes of an environmentalist’ in Mastery Meets Mystery  (article)

15 Suresh Pathare & Jaimon Varghese (2015) ‘Rural Community Development in India: Emerging Issues, Challenges and Strategies’, in ‘New Perspectives in Community Development’  (article)

16 Jaimon Varghese (2015) ‘Contemporary Models of Gandhian Gramswaraj – the Story of Ralegaon Siddhi and Hiware Bazar, the Ideal Villages in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra, India’, in ‘New Perspectives in Community Development’  (article)

17 Suresh Pathare (2014) ‘Internationalization & Indigenization of Social Work Education in Asia Social Work Education in India’  (article)

18 Patil Prachi (2014) ‘Caste and Crime: A Study of Hindu Mythology and Scriptures’, in ‘Literature and Marginality: Comparative Perspectives in African, American, Australian and Indian Dalit Literature’  (article)

19 Jaimon Varghese (co-author) (2016) ‘Social Justice and Social Work Profession in India – Challenging Responses and Responding Challenges’  (edited book)

20 Jaimon Varghese (co-author) (2015) ‘Rural Community Development in India: Emerging Issues, Challenges and Strategies’, in ‘New Perspectives in Community Development’  (article)

3.3.4 Research Papers in UGC Approved Journals (July 2013 – June 2018)

  1. Internationalization to Indigenization of Social Work Education in India (Dr. Suresh Pathare, Sep-Dec. 2017)
  2. Factors Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability – A Social Work Perspective (Dr. Jaimon Varghese, Jan-Apr.. 2018)
  3. Spiritually Sensitive Service – Exploring Horizons of Social Work Practice (Dr. Jaimon Varghese, Jan.. 2018)
  4. Facing Life Challenges through Adult Literacy Programme – An Overlook on the Struggle for Tribal Women (Mr. Vijay Sansare, Apr-Jun. 2017)
  5. Deconstructing the notion of Mothering in ‘Family and Child Centred Social Work’: A case of sex worker mothers, Prachi Patil, Jan-Apr. 2018
  6. Means and Ends: A distorted approach in field work practice, Pradeep Jare, Jan-Apr. 2018
  7. Spiritual Social Work – a Strategy for Sustainable Development , Jaimon Varghese, Jan-Apr. 2018
  8. Book Review: Deepra Dandekar,Boundaries and Motherhood: Ritual and Reproduction in Rural Maharashtra , Patil Prachi, 2018
  9. Structural Social Work- (E)merging area in Social Work Education and Social Justice: A Perspective from Within” , Pradeep Jare, Jan-Dec. 2017
  10. Quest for Gender Justice – A study on upward social mobility of Scheduled Caste women in Delhi , Jaimon Varghese, Jan-Dec. 2017
  11. Social Work Intervention in Solid Waste Management Programme , Vijay Sansare & Shamuel Waghmare, Jan-Dec. 2017
  12. Use of Street Theatre and Social Media in Competency Building of Social Work Students , Yogesh Kudale, Jan-Dec. 2017
  13. Long way to achieve democratic process: An ethnographic study of Exclusion from Caste Perspective , Pradeep Jare, Jan-Dec. 2017
  14. Contribution of Missionaries in Educational Development of Dalit in Ahmednagar District’ (MS), Suresh Mugutmal, Jan-Dec. 2017
  15. Spiritually Sensitive Service – an empowering strategy to overcome local and global challenges for the attainment of social justice, Jaimon Varghese, Jan-Dec. 2017
  16. .Book Review: Ruchira Gupta (ed.), River of Flesh and Other Stories: The Prostituted Woman in Indian Short Fiction  , Patil Prachi, 2017
  17. Jesus’s Two Great Commandments: Analysing Indian Theology through Caste and Gender, Patil, Prachi , 2016
  18. Inclusion of Dalit women through Structural Social Work: Perspective from below , Pradeep Jare, Jan-Dec. 2016
  19. Sanjoepuram Community Organisation Programme – A Case Study of Faith based Philanthropic Social Work , Jaimon Varghese, Jan-Dec. 2016
  20. Spiritually Sensitive Social Work: A Mission for Responsive & Compassionate Society – a National Study on Professional Social Workers , Jaimon Varghese, Jan-Dec. 2016
  21. Building Social Work Professionals through Transactional Analysis Technique , Vijay Sansare, Jan-Dec. 2016
  22. Structural Social Work: An Indigenous Approach to Social Work with Marginalized Communities in Indian Context , Pradeep Jare, Jan-Dec. 2016
  23.  Book Review: Abraham P Francis (Ed) Social work in mental health context and Theories for practice (Vol. I), Suresh Pathare, 2015
  24. Engaging Rawls and Dhasal: Imagining Justice, Patil Prachi, 2015
  25. Street_Corner Svati P. Shah, Street Corner Secrets: Sex, Work and Migration in the City of Mumbai , Patil Prachi, 2015
  26. Justice Withers Away in Neoliberal Era? Analysis from Subaltern Perspective , Pradeep Jare, Jan-Dec. 2015
  27. Participation of Youth for Rural Development: A Case study of Baburdibend Village , Vijay Sansare, Jan-Dec. 2015
  28. Vision for Just, Equitable and Compassionate Society, Suresh Pathare, Jan-Dec. 2014
  29. Mainstreaming and Inclusion of Dalit Women for Equitable Society through Political Justice , Pradeep Jare, Jan-Dec. 2014
  30. Unconditional Self Acceptance: A Review of Emotional Well Being and Stress Free Life, Vijay Sansare, Jan-Dec. 2014
  31. Social Justice and Social Development , Suresh Pathare, July-Dec. 2013
  32. Field Work Practice in Closed Settings: Assessment, Placements and Addressing the Challenges , Vijay Sansare, July-Dec. 2013