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Rules and requirements

1 Discipline

Students admitted to the Institute will observe all the rules and maintain decorum in their behaviour in the premises of the Institutes’ campuses and during fieldwork, study tour, relief work, block field work, etc.  Misbehaviour and violation of the rules will attract disciplinary action of fine, suspension / discontinuation from the hostel and the dining hall, or suspension / cancellation of registration as a student of the Institute.

1.1 Grant of Term/ Eligibility to appear for examination in any course

A student should maintain a minimum of 75 per cent of class attendance in the course to become eligible to appear for the examination or be assessed through assignment in any course. A student failing to maintain 75 per cent of attendance in a course will be required to repeat it. However, if and when a student is deputed by the Institute to participate in a seminar, study tour, relief work or any other programme, approved by the Institute, such an absence will not be counted for computing the minimum required attendance. The students are required to submit the leave application in the prescribed form to the Course Coordinator.

Leave up to 7 consecutive days in a semester will be considered by the Programme Coordinator. Leave beyond 7 days will be considered by the Director on the recommendations of the Course Coordinator, provided that the total absence of the student concerned in the courses of the semester will be within 25 percent.

Late joining in the first semester will be permitted upto one week only on payment of full fees and deposits before the due date. Absence due to late joining will be treated as leave of absence.

1.2 Special Cases

In very exceptional cases arising from illness or other emergencies, the Director, CSRD-ISWR, in consultation with the programme Coordinator, may consider condonation of the absence exceeding 25 percent.

1.3 Rules of ATKT (As per University of Pune circular)

A student must pass in 3 theory courses in each semester out of 5 courses to avail the benefit of ATKT for the next semester and he/she must clear the backlog in the next semester examination. Their internal assessment marks will not change.

a)  A student shall be allowed to keep term of Semester III (MAMR II), if he/she has no backlog and    clears all the heads of passing of Semester I.

b) Likewise, a student shall be allowed to keep term of Semester IV (MAMR II), if he/she has no backlog and clears all the heads of passing of Semester II.

c) A student failing in Field Work at any Semester shall not get the benefit of ATKT including theory    papers and will have to repeat the entire semester.

d) In any case, for what so ever reasons, if a student does not appear or fails in any semester examination will have to repeat the entire semester.

1.4 Re-admission

Re-admission in Semester means completion of the requirements of attendance, course work, field work and such other academic work as may be assigned to any fresh student all over again.

1.5 Withdrawal of Admission and Refund of Fees  (As per University of Pune circular)

For the candidates who cancel their admissions before starting the course for the relevant academic year, the entire fee after deduction of processing fee of not more than Rs. 1000/- shall be refunded to the student by the Institute. If a student cancels his admission after the course is started following scheme will be adopted for refund of total fees:

Sr. No     Time of Cancellation                                                             Amount to be Deducted

1               From 1st day to 10 days (First Day is inclusive) from

the date of commencement of the course.                             20% of the total fees

2               From 11th to 30 days (First Day is inclusive) from

the  date of commencement of the course.                            40% of the total fees

3               After 30 days (First day is inclusive).                                            100% of the total fees

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