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International 3

Third International Conference on Spirituality & Social Work

21 – 23 March, 2014


Vision for Just, Equitable
and Compassionate Society

Jointly Organised by

BPHE Society’s
Centre for Studies in Rural Development
Institute of Social Work and Research
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India
(Under the aegis of University of Pune)


Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth (JDV)
Centre for Science-Religion Studies, Pune


Supported by

University of Pune

ICSSR, New Delhi

Brief Report of on the Third International Conference on


On 21-23 March 2014 at Jnana Deep Vidyapeeth (JDV), Pune


This is an annual event organised every year by a group of academicians and scholars from inter-disciplinary fields interested in the area of spirituality and Social Work. We are immensely glad to inform you all that the third international conference was successfully been held at Pune on 21-23 March 2014. There was overwhelming response from all sectors such as the academicians, research scholars, social work educators, social work practitioners and the media to the Conference. Thanks to all the eminent guests, plenary speakers, paper presenters, registered participants, students, volunteers and organising committee members. We express our sentiments of gratitude particularly to Hon’ble Smt. Prathibha Devi Patil (former President of India), Prof. Jack Richman (University of North Carolina), Prof. Neil Abel (Florida State University), Prof. Pallasanna Balgopal (University of Illionois) and Prof. Carol S Cohen (Adelphi University, New York) who have participated and contributed substantially to the conference discussions and proceedings. We are also grateful to our sponsors and co-hosts such as Institute of Social Science Research (New Delhi), Centre for Science and Religion Studies (Jnana-Deep Vidyapeeth, Pune), Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Chair (University of Pune), Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP, Jamkhed) and National Association of Professional Social Workers in India (NAPSWI). We are immensely grateful to Bhaskar Pandurang Hivale Education Society (BPHES, Ahmednagar), the chief organiser of the event.

The 3rd International Conference on Vision for Just, Equitable and Compassionate Society organized by BPHES’ CSRD Institute of Social Work and Research, Ahmednagar with the support of Jnana Deep Vidyapeeth, Pune and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Chair and Studies, University of Pune, explored and consolidated the best practices and ideological foundations for social transformation. This conference provided an opportunity for academic exchange and sharing with national and international academicians, professional practitioners and research scholars from interdisciplinary fields. Eminent scholars, researchers, practitioners and the representatives of various organizations shared their views and vision on the conference theme. The conference had keynote addresses, paper presentations and group discussions.

The third international conference was on the theme of Vision for Just, Inclusive and Sustainable Societies. The main theme of the conference was divided in to five different sub-themes. These were the following:

  • Commitment for Justice, Equity and Inclusion of Marginalised
  • Education for Responsible Citizenship and effective Leadership
  • Innovations and Best Practices in Community Empowerment
  • Relevance of Constructive Philanthropy for relief and Rehabilitation
  • Vision and Endeavors for Peace, Harmony and Community wellbeing

The conference received an overwhelming response. There were about 20 international participants from 8 countries, 150 participants from various states of India and 10 invited speakers. There are 49 papers included in the plenary and parallel sessions. The conference provided a platform for academicians and research scholars from disciplines like science, social sciences, philosophy, religion etc, to exchange their views on spirituality and social work.

Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, former President of India, Dr. Carol S. Cohen, Associate Professor at the Adelphi University in New York, Pallassana R. Balgopal, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus (Social Work), University of Illinois, USA, Dr. Jack Richman, Dean, School of Social Work, University of North Carolina, USA, Dr. Neil Abell, Columbia State University, Dr. N.M. Aston, the Chairman of BPHE Society, Mr. Philip Barnabas, the Secretary of BPHE Society, Dr. Gautaum Gawali, ICSSR Regional Centre, Mumbai, Prof. Rausaheb Kasbe and Dr. Vijay Khare of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Chair and Studies University of Pune, Dr. Gracious Thomas, Professor and the Founding Director of the School of Social Work at IGNOU, Prof. Ambadass Mohite, the founder president of Maharashtra Social Work Educators, Fr. Kuruvilla Pandikkattu and Fr. Job Kozhamattam, Professors of Philosophy and Theology from JDV, Pune, Prof. A. Ramaiah, TISS, Mumbai, Prof. Sanjai Bhatt, Department of Social Work, University of Delhi and Dr. Bipin Jojo, TISS, Mumbai were among the distinguished dignitaries and delegates who attended the third International Conference at Pune.

Date: 21st March, 2014

Time: 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Inauguration Session:

The Conference began on 21st March, 2014 with inaugural session at 4 pm. Dr. N M Aston gave the welcome address. Background and the objectives of the conference were discussed by Dr. Suresh Pathare. Dr. Gautaum Gawali addressed the conference. The key note address was delivered by Prof. Balgopal.

The former inauguration was conducted after the arrival of the chief guest, Mrs. Pratibhatai Patil, former president of India, at 6 pm. The function started with lightening of the lamp by the chief guest. It followed by award distribution to life time achievers in the field of social work. These awards were given by NPSWI for contributing to the social field and enhancing the quality of social work in India. The four awardees on the occasion were Prof. Gracious Thomas, Prof. Ambadas Mohite, Prof. Balgopal and Mr. Pandurang Hegade. They were felicitated by the chief guest.

After the award distribution ceremony the chief guest of the programme, Mrs. Pratibhatai Patil addressed the audience. She focused on the issues of women and social justice in India. She highlighted the plight of the women from various downtrodden communities and the response from the social work sectors. At the end of her speech, she connected the current social issues and the role of social work profession towards these issues. Vote of thanks was given by Fr. Kuruvilla.

At the close of the inaugural session Dr. Padmja Suresh, an eminent artist, performed the Bharatnattyam Dance, in which she had portrayed the various dimensions and issues of children.

Date: 21st March, 2014

Plenary Session -I

Chairperson: Prof. Gautum Gawali


  1. Dr. Jack Richman
  2. Prof. A. Ramaiah


Chairperson: Prof. Balgopal


  1. Dr. Neil Abell
  2. Prof. Gracious Thomas

Parallel Sessions


Chairperson: Dr. Ravi patil

Paper Presenters:

  1. Ms. Chandima Jayasena: Visually Impaired girls Experiences of Exclusion in Academic Community: A Case Studies Analysis
  2. Dr. Kalpana Sarathy: Perceptions Related To Spirituality in Reference To The Care and Treatment of Addictions and Cancer In Mizoram
  3. Mr. Michal Yangad: Case studies on working with trafficked girls


Chairperson: Dr. R B S Verma

Paper Presenters:

  1. Mr. Amit Mane: The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences: Issues and Challenges”
  2. Mr. Pravin Ghunnar: Development as Process of Marginalisation – A study of Warli community in Morarji Nagar, Mumbai


Chairperson: Prof. Sanjai Bhatt

Paper Presenters:

  1. Dr. Dhirendra Patel: Community Empowerment Through Medical Help- (A case study of Medical Camp organizer by Shree Baldevdas Charitable trust’s Manav Parivar at Matar)
  2. Mr. Uttam Madane: Social Exclusion of Nomadic and De-notified Tribes and inclusive strategies: A case of Ramoshi Community
  3. Mrs. Rashmi Rani Agnihotri: A study on programmes and policy measures for child welfare


Chairperson: Dr. Jagdish Jadhav

Paper Presenters:

  1. Veena Belamgikar : Best Practices for sustainable community nutrition programming in Devadurga district of Karnataka
  2. Mr. Pradeep Jare: Mainstreaming and Inclusion of Dalit Women for Equitable Society through Political Justice
  3. Mr. Arunkumar Jadhav: Need of Education for Creating Responsible Citizens


Chairperson: Dr. Carol Cohen

Paper Presenters:

  1. Mr. Basalingamma S.H: Education Enhance Humanitarian Values
  2. Mr. Suresh Mugutmal :  Rastriya Ucchatar Shiksha Abhiyan: A Step towards Quality Enhancement in Higher Education
  3. Ms. KhwirakpamSangeeta: Practices of Inclusive Education for the Visually Impaired Students- A Study in Schools in Delhi


Chairperson: Dr. Kalpana Sarathy

Paper Presenters:

  1. Dr. Saumya : Social Work through Distance Education: Commitment for Justice, Equity, and Inclusion of marginalized
  2. Mr. Nehaal Mayur : Education for developing world to understand spirituality
  3. Mr. Shamuvel Waghmare: Education Responsibility for Citizenship and Sustainable Society development

Third Day: (23rd March 2014)

Parallel Session-VII

Chairperson: Dr. Bipin Jojo

Paper Presenters:

  1. Ms. Chandima Jayasena: Institutional Care of homes for older people in Sri Lanka: Analysis with concept of Goffman’s total institution
  2. Ms. Diliyana Putriyanza: HIV AIDS de-stigmatization in Indonesia: A case of Football Program for Social Change by Rumah Cemara
  3. Ms. Venna Belabmigakar: Panchayat Raj in Karnataka: Women Changing Governance
  4. Ms. Monalisha Phukan Roy: ANAND SADAN – An innovative field action project on community empowerment

Parallel Session-VIII

Chairperson: Dr. G. D. Londhe

Paper Presenters:

  1. Mr. Arunkumar Jadhav: Best Practices for Community Empowerment
  2. Mr. P S Patil and S J Divekar : Strategic Partnership to Promote Community Development
  3. Mr. Santosh Kadu: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) As Best Practice For Community Empowerment
  4. Dr. M. Arif: Social Vision for, Just Responsive and Compassionate Society: Islamic Perspective

Parallel Session-IX

Chairperson: Prof. K K Kanojia

Paper Presenters:

  1. Mr. Sudhir Maske: Noetic Action: An Inclusive Leadership Frame Work for Spiritual Social Work Practice
  2. Dr. Jagdish Jadhav: Practical and Spirituality: For Participatory, Inclusive and Compassionate Democracy
  3. Dr. Jaimon Varghese: Spiritually Sensitive Social Work: A Mission for Responsive & Compassionate Society – a National Study on Professional Social Workers

Parallel Session-X

Chairperson: Prof. P S Patil.

Paper Presenters:

  1. Ms. Antora Borah: Revisiting the ideas of Srimanta Sankaradeva in the era of Identity Politics
  2. Dr. Dr. Nisha Waghmare : Communal Polarization To Communal Harmony: Issues & Challenges
  3. Ms. A Kumari veenu: Social Transformation through Spiritual Awakening

Parallel Session-XI

Chairperson: Dr. Premanand Verma

Paper Presenters:

  1. Jennifer Rohlupuii and Prof. J V Jayasingh: Spirituality and Religious Coping among Older Persons in Mizoram
  2. Prof. K K Knojia: Saints and spirituality in India
  3. BK Savitha: Vision and Endeavors for Peace, Harmony and Community wellbeing
  4. Dr. G D Londhe: From Philanthropic Relief to Rehabilitation and Development, a Pathway, Lessons from Case Studies

Valedictory Session:

Dr. Vijay Khare was the chief guest of the valedictory function. Dr. Suresh Pathare briefly presented the conference proceeding. Thereafter, Ms. Jeniffer, Ms. Anora Borah, Ms. Diliyana Putrinza and Dr. Carol Cohen shared their experiences of participating in three days conference.  After the sharing by the participants, Dr. Vijay Khare addressed the valedictory function. Finally the valedictory address was delivered by Dr. Bipin Jojo. The conference ended with vote of thanks given by Fr. Kuruvilla.