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May 2021
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About BPHE Society

BPHE Society

The Bhaskar Pandurang Hivale Education (B.P.H.E.S.) Society is established in 1969. It is registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860. It has three Institutions under its umbrella: Ahmednagar College, Institute of Social Work & Research (ISWR) and Institute of Management Studies, Career Development & Research (IMSCD&R). Ahmednagar College, a pioneering Institute of its kind was established in 1947 by late Rev. Dr. B. P. Hivale. It was further nurtured by Dr. Thomas Barnabas who took the college to magnificent heights. Dr. Thomas Barnabas was followed by Rev. Prof. J. Barnabas. Rev. Prof. J. Barnabas was a dedicated educationalist, who played a key role in the field of education in Ahmednagar. In 2005, he was conferred with ‘Jeevan Sadhana Gaurav Puraskar’ by the University of Pune. Currently, Dr. Mohan Tholar, the secretary of the society, and Dr. N.M. Aston, Chairman, are furthering this momentum of growth.


The philosophy of the B.P.H.E. Society is contained in its three fold-motto.

  • Not Things but Men
  • I Dare You
  • Ye Shall Know the Truth

Quality Policy

BPHE Society is committed to impart to the students leading knowledge and experience for developing appropriate attitude, skills and competency to meet the developmental requirements of the society.

Quality Objectives

  • To focus on wholesome development of students.
  • To maintain a Qualified and Competent staff.
  • To obtain feed-back from the stakeholder.
  • To maintain suitable Infrastructure and Environment.
  • To facilitate job placement for the students.
  • To undertake Community Extension Programmes and Research.

Organisational Values

The Society practices following values

  • Fairness
  • Rural and Local Focus
  • Inclusive Policy
  • Secularism
  • Transparency
  • Nation Building
Dr Bhaskar Pandurang Hivale, Founder

Trustees of the B.P.H.E. Society

Dr. N.M. Aston, Chairperson

Dr. Joshua N Aston, Member

Mr. Harshvardhan V Peter, Member