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April 2021
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Semester I

G 1 – Sociology for Social Work  

Social Structure

Culture, Norms and Values


Social Control

Social Mobility

Social Change

Social Problems

Social Disorganisation

G 2 – Psychology for Social Work

psy unit1 nature

psy unit2 behaviour

psy unit3 processes

psy unit4 adjustment

psy unit5 therapy

G 3 – Economics and Political Science for Social Work


Factors of production

Population theory

Demand and Suply


Issues in Globalisation

Polity and Governance

Slum and Squatter Settlement



G 4 – Social Work :History and Ideologies

G 5 – Method Course-Working with the Individuals (Social Case Work)

G5 unit 1a Social Work methods

G5 unit 1b intro history1

G5 unit 1cde components

G5 unit 2 principles

G5 unit 3 process

G5 unit 4a tools

G5 unit 4b skills

G5 unit 4cd techniques roles

G5 unit 5a settings

G5 unit 5b models

G5 unit 5c counselling

Semester II

G 6 – Method Course: Working with Groups (Social Group Work)

E-content on Social Group Work developed by course instructor (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjkf-smCd2Y&t=496s)

Unit I Introduction to Social Group Work

Characteristics and Significance of Groups

Characteristic of Social Group Work Method

Characteristics of Social Group Work

Values and Principles of Social Group Work

Principles of Social Group Work

Theoretical Assumption of SGW

Approaches in Social Group Work

Typical Pattern in Group Process & Interpersonal Communication

Group Dynamics

Steps in Group Formation

Initial Phase of GW

Pre group Phase

Middle Phase Techniques

Middle Phase Roles and Responsibilities

Middle Phase of Group Development

Concept of Program

Terminationa Phase

Types of Termination

Recording in group work

Techniques of Recording to Analyze Group Process


G 7 – Method Course: Community Organization& Social Action


G 8 – Method Course: Research Methodology and Statistics

G 8 Unit 1 Fundamentals of research

G 8 Unit 2 Research Design & Sources of Data

G 8 Unit 3 Data Collection and Processing

G 8 Unit 4 Research Statistics

G 8 Unit 5 Research Reporting

FCW 1 -The Field of Family and Child Welfare

SW in Child Education

Integrated Child Development Services

Working with Children

Importance of working with Families

Roles of Professional Social Worker to Work with Families

Family Court

Family Development Programme

Different Orientations

Family Counselling and Family Court

Working with Senior Citizen

HRM 1 – Human Resource Management

Unit 1 Fundamentals of Management

URCD 1 – Issues of Urban, Rural and Tribal Communities and Governance


Semester III

G 9 – Personal & Professional Development for Social Work Practice

Ethiccal Values and Decision Making

Self Development – Concept and Need

Multi Tasking Abilities

Appropriate Professional Habits


Self Control and Professional Behaviour


Striving behaviour

Achievement orientation and striving behaviour

Understanding and Internalization of Professional Values

Stress and Burnout in Professional Practice

Difference Between Real Self and Ideal Self

Distinguishing the personal and the professional self

Meaning of Self


Johari Window

De Bono 6 Thinking Hats


Setting Goals for Self Development

Significance of understanding self




G 10 – Administration and Management of  Development Organization

Unit 1 Understanding the concepts

G 11 – Social Policy in India

Social Policy

Process of Social Policy

Role of Social Worker in Social Policy

Role of State in Human Development

Social Exclusion

G 13 – Community Health, Mental Health and Environmental Hygiene



URCD 2 – Development Economics



Five year Plans

URCD 3 – Management of Community Projects


Perspectives of Development

Capacity Building of the Org

Community Based Assessment

Micro Planning

Monitoring & Evaluation

Project Life Cycle

Project Management

FCW 2 – Family Sociology and Family Dynamics

Family Life Education

Home Mamangement


Plan Parenthood

Population policy & FPP

Premarriage preparation

Sexual Education

Sexual Health

FCW 3 – Socialization of the Child and Child Welfare

Need & Importance of the study of child development – P

Socialization of Children with Special Needs

Nutritional Deficiencies

Children with Special Needs

Who is a Child

Stages in life span of child

Agents of Socialzation

Factors Influencing Dev. in Childhood

Concept of Child Development

Child Rearing Practices

Areas of Child Development

Histrocial Review of Child Welfare in India

HIV infected & affected

Causes of Infant Mortality and Morbidity

Socially and Economically Deprived Children

Children in Need of Care and Protection

Demographic characteristics of Children

Genetic Disabilities

HRM 2 – Labour Legislation and Industrial Relations

The Factories Act 1948 (Welf, Wrg Hrs, ALwWg)

HRM 3 – Employee Welfare and Trade Union


Semester IV

FCW 4 – Counselling – Theory and Practice

fcw4 unit 1 Basics of Counselling

fcw4 unit 2 Theories and Approaches

fcw4 unit 3 Types of Counselling

fcw4 unit 4 Counselling Practice Setups

fcw4 unit 5 Counsellor as a Professional

HRM 4 – Organizational Behaviour


URCD 4 – Community Work Sectors and Interventions

HRM 6 – CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility

Unit -1 Concept, Meaning, Elements, Chracteristics & scope of CSR

URCD/TD 5 – Natural Resource Management and Climate Change

URCD 6 – Advocacy, Human Rights and Social Justice

G 12.4 – Disaster Management and Social Work

G 12.5 – Dalit and Tribal Social Work