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Field Work

Field Work

A distinctive feature of the instructional programmes is the emphasis laid on fieldwork.  Fieldwork enables the student to integrate and reinforce the knowledge acquired in the classroom with actual practice under competent supervision provided by field instructors who may be members of the faculty of the Institute or staff of an agency. The content of fieldwork is planned to provide an orderly sequence of learning. The field work programme consists of the following:

a) Orientation Programme:

Orientation Programmes are organized at the beginning of the first and the third semesters. The objective of the programme is to equip students with the nature of social work education, programme of academic instruction, concurrent field work, practice skills and fields of social work. For the MSW (final) students the orientation programme is organized with the objective to sharpen the students’ awareness and enhance to their practice skills.

b) Observation visits:

As a part of orientation programme observation visits to development organizations, industries and communities are organized at the first and the third semester. The objective of observation visit is to expose the students to development and welfare agencies. Students are exposed to about 20 agencies and fields of practice.

c) Concurrent Fieldwork:

This involves placement for two academic years in selected social agency settings and in communities where students work twice a week under supervision of a faculty member and concerned agency personnel. The emphasis is laid on the development aspect of work which a student may be able to visualize and undertake. In the community setting the students learn to gain an overall understanding of the community, identify its needs, resources and problems, there by identifying the areas requiring intervention. HRM specialization students are placed in the industries. The aim is to guide the students to develop capacity and acquire the abilities to initiate and carry out the tasks in the areas of social action, change and social development.

d) Rural Camp / Study Tour:

The institute organizes study tours and camps in rural areas as part of the field work programme for both the years. The rural camp provides an experience of group living and development of attitudes conducive for effective team work. The faculty members accompany the students. It provides an excellent opportunity to the students to practice and learn the use of PRA techniques, Natural Resource Management, Watershed Development etc. Further the students are given an opportunity to visit organization and development work within Maharashtra and at times outside Maharashtra.

e) Block Placement:

Block placement comprises of a four-week pre-employment training programme in various agencies. It is conducted on a full-time basis. Each student is placed in an agency/ organization of his/her choice after the final year examination during May- June. This training provides with more specific learning and intensive work within an organization.

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