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Syllabus MSW

You can download the latest MSW syllabus from Savitribai Phule Pune University Website (www.unipune.ac.in). You can also download the same here (Final MSW Syllabus 2015-16)

Teaching plans 2018-19

Semester I

G 1 – Sociology for Social Work

G 2 – Psychology for Social Work

G 3 – Economics and Political Science for Social Work

G 4 – Social Work History and Ideologies

G 5 – Method Course-Working with the Individuals (Social Case Work)

Semester II

G 6 – Method Course Working with Groups (Social Group Work)

G 7 – Method Course Community Organization& Social Action

G 8 – Method Course Research Methodology and Statistics

FCW 1 -The Field of Family and Child Welfare

HRM 1 – Human Resource Management

URCD 1 – Issues of Urban, Rural and Tribal Communities and Governance

Semester III

G 9 – Personal & Professional Development for Social Work Practice

G 10 – Administration and Management of Development Organization

G 11 – Social Policy in India

G 13 – Community Health, Mental Health and Environmental Hygiene

FCW 2 – Family Sociology and Family Dynamics

FCW 3 – Socialization of the Child and Child Welfare

HRM 2 – Labour Legislation and Industrial Relations

HRM 3 – Employee Welfare and Trade Union

URCD 2 – Development Economics

URCD 3 – Management of Community Projects

Semester IV

FCW 4 – Counselling – Theory and Practice

HRM 4 – Organizational Behaviour

URCD 4 – Community Work Sectors and Interventions

HRM 6 – CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility

URCD/TD 5 – Natural Resource Management and Climate Change

URCD 6 – Advocacy, Human Rights and Social Justice

G 12.4 – Disaster Management and Social Work

G 12.5 – Dalit and Tribal Social Work

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