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Vision & Mission

Vision, Mission, Objectives and the Guiding principles

The Vision, Mission, Objectives and the Guiding principles of BPHES’ CSRD ISWR, Ahmednagar are the following:

Vision statement:

The vision of the BPHE Society since its inception is reflected in its three mottos:

‘Not things, but men’

‘I dare you’

‘Ye shall know the truth’


Mission statement:

The mission of the Centre for Studies in Rural Development-Institute of Social Work and Research is to provide equal opportunities for quality education to create responsible citizenship, effective leadership, efficient and well-informed personnel to undertake responsibilities in the fields of community development and participate in the process of nation building.


  • Organize teaching in the areas of social work, rural development, human resource management and allied fields;
  • Undertake research to promote the development of knowledge and to contribute to policies and programmes;
  • Disseminate knowledge through print, audio-visual and electronic media and various indigenous forms;
  • Conduct training programmes for lifelong and continuing education;
  • Undertake innovative field action projects in relevant areas to develop new approaches and strategies;
  • Engage in relief, rehabilitation and development initiatives to address human suffering caused by natural and human-made disasters;
  • Network with Government, non-government agencies and other academic institutions; and
  • Undertake corporate advocacy and consultancy on relevant issues.


Guiding principles & Core values:

The CSRD- Institute of Social Work is guided by the following principles and values:

  • Appreciation of and respect for freedom of expression and cultural as well as ideological diversity;
  • Equal opportunities to all and non-discrimination;
  • Accountability and transparency in all work matters;
  • Collective, participatory and non-hierarchical decision making;
  • Participatory and experiential teaching-learning methodology for fostering dialogue, mutual learning and critical reflection;
  • Working in collaboration, co-operation and team work; and
  • Creation of an enabling environment that fosters teamwork, co-operation and mutual support.